Caritas-­Flüchtlingshilfe Essen e.V.

Welcome on our website

We want to help where full-time professional help is not enough.

Caritas-Flüchtlingshilfe Essen e.V. has been founded in the autumn of 2014. It emerged from a relief operation for refugees in northern Iraq that has been running since October 2013.

Furniture repository

... or in German: Möbellager

We collect pieces of furniture and household objects from donors and take them to our Möbellager. Refugees in need can buy them for a small amount of money, if they fulfil some criteria.


... or in German: Beratung und Begleitung

We assist with the completing of forms (Jobcenter, BAMF, Ausländerbehörde, Sozialamt etc.), try to find and give answers on questions or try to find the responsible contact person. If necessary, we accompany refugees to authorities and institutions.

Chat Café

... or in German: Erzählcafé

Often, refugees stay "amongst themselves" and communicate in the languages of their native countries. In the chat café, they meet Germans and communicate in German - slowly and in easy to understand sentences.

German classes

... or in German: Deutschkurse

We teach German in permanent groups of five to 15 pupils. Free of charge. For everybody, regardless of their native country and native language. For people who start learning German and for people who already learned a little or a lot.

Refugeecamp Ruhrgebiet

Children's home St. Nikolaus