Caritas-­Flüchtlingshilfe Essen e.V.

Caritas Flüchtlingshilfe Essen e.V. recently moved to a new place. Our adress now is Graffweg 9. This is how the entrance looks:

We offer German classes (for beginners), Erzählcafé (for advanced learners) and consultation & escort. German classes and Erzählcafé are open for all German learners! Consultation & escort is meant for refugees, i. e. people who have been seeking asylum. All services are free of charge.

Our Erzählcafé is open Monday and Wednesday 4-6pm and Friday 10-12am.

German classes take place from Monday to Friday. Please register personally.

Consultations take place from Monday to Friday. Please appear personally to arrange an appointment.

To register or to arrange an appointment, please appear at the following times:

Monday: 9:30-9:45am and 4-4:15pm 

Tuesday: 1:30-1:45pm 

Wednesday: 9:30-9:45am and 4-4:15pm 

Thursday: 9:30-9:45am and 1:30-1:45pm 

Friday: 9:30-9:45am and 1:30-1:45pm